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Activities at HI hostels


Say HI to an active adventure!

All HI hostels are places for social interaction, where you can meet fellow travellers and share stories and new experiences. A lot of our hostels offer activities to guests, such as city walks, hikes, free coffee and cookies and movie nights.

At a lot of our hostels, you can participate in different activities. Especially at the hostels in Bergen and Oslo, we have dedicated volunteers that most of the year organise free activities for our guests, and for the local people around the hostels.

In other hostels you can rent bikes, canoes, rowing boats and get detailed maps for hiking in the local area. Some of our hostels also offer larger activities for a fee, such as wild water rafting, king crab fishing or zip-line. Or how about a scooter safari to see the magnificent Northern Lights? 

Make sure you are open, curious and friendly and you'll have great stories to tell about all the people you've met on your travels. At the HI hostels there are a lot of different guest groups - families, friends, solo travelers, backpackers, business travelers... This is what makes the atmosphere in hostels so special.  



Volunteering work

Our hostels are more than just a place to stay. HI Norway believes that travel through hostelling creates profound and lasting personal impact. We aim to provide opportunities for guests to interact with one another. That’s also why we have established a social volunteering programme.

Hostel vibes depends on everything from the layout of a hostel to the interaction of staff with guests. Several of our hostels in Western Norway have created a programme of social volunteering to promote this interaction. How it works? We invite enthousiastic people from all over the world and give them the opportunity to stay and volunteer in one of our hostels during a designated period.

Our social volunteers are travelers themselves, and provide opportunities for increased interaction between the travelers staying at the hostel, in such ways as using common space to promote guest interaction, facilitating activities open to all guests and organizing social events within and outside the hostel. The activities are designed with the explicit focus of promoting intercultural understanding.

Also at our hostels in Oslo and at the main office of HI Norway, we have been welcoming volunteers since 2015. They are participating in the EVS-project (European Voluntary Service), and are staying for 10 months. They help us with organizing activities and with creating our social media strategy. Read more about there experiences here. Also at our other hostels you might meet some volunteers, as we have collaborative projects with various other organisations both in Norway and abroad.

By social volunteering it is possible to promote the mission and connect social volunteers and travelers/guests with one another and the local community. That way, both guests and volunteers will gain a means to reflect on the different communities and develop a greater appreciation for diverse people, cultures and societies.

Read more about our social volunteering programme in Western Norway.

Read more about our EVS programme in Oslo.