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Our values


Hostelling International Norway wants to provide affordable and qualitative accomodation and activities for travellers from abroad and from Norway, as to promote better understanding between different people and their cultures. 

HI Norway has no political or religious affiliation, but is recognized by UNESCO and the UN as a non-profit membership organisation. Being a nonprofit organisation, we use our income to reach our goals. We have different projects that illustrate our commitments. The last couple of years, we have focussed on green travelling and sustainability. Our hostels have always tried to link ‘the world out there’ with the local community, and every year we organise a range of cultural and social activities for both travellers and the neighbours. During previous years, some of our hostels have opened their doors to temporarily welcome refugees from the Middle East.


Our core values:



Solidarity with young people, especially those who otherwise would not be able to afford a hostel stay for social, cultural or economic reasons. HI-hostels are places to meet other people from all over the world, regardsless of colour or social position, where reciprocity, sharing and exchange of stories and knowledge are central. 

Fight against racism and xenophobia

As an organisation, HI Norway does not tolerate racism and xenophobia. Those attitudes and behaviours are contrary to the values of peace and brotherhood that we promote in Hostelling International.

A good mix

At our hostels, girls and boys, young and old people from different social and cultural backgrounds are able to meet and interact, while respecting the privacy of everyone. We don't allow discrimination based on age, gender or origin. We at HI Norway think that diversity is a treasure that we should cherish, and we are fierce fighters for gender equality. 

Green thinking

HI is a non-profit organisation that aims to think responsibly and sustainably about the future. Each hostel tries to make a positive impact on the environment by reducing their ecological footprint. HI Norway has ratified the Sustainability Charter of Hostelling International. Read more about our sustainability work here


At HI Norway, we respect every opinion and every personal belief, in an atmosphere of inclusivity. Our hostels are places of multicultural interaction and sharing. Respecting the liberty of every individual is one of our values.

Autonomy and engagement

We aim to encourage youth to travel and participate in cultural exchange. Daily life and activities at the hostels help to promote the emancipation of individuals and groups alike. The members of the organisation, volunteers and employees, are guided by the principles of physical, moral and intellectual freedom. 

Learning and understanding

Travel, meetings and exchanges of life experiences contribute to a larger intercultural knowledge. Our aim is to provide accomodation with hospitality that lives up to this standard. Our hostels are affordable places to stay, with dorms and private rooms and a guest kitchen that everybody can use. At our hostels we offer activities where our values are being expressed.